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In S.T.M. Logistica warehouse we carry out picking, stocking, handling and managing of goods. Our work offers a complete logistics service which provides the division of goods, the positioning according to the characteristics of each material, WMS menagement, including packaging operations.


We know how stocking and logistics are important to our clients, for this reason we guarantee full flexibility and speed in order and commissions management, prepared for the shipments that are are carried out in synergy with Autotrasporti Ferrario.


To carry out all the picking operations, with which we indicate all the activities of sorting and picking of the materials in the warehouse, we must have a mapping of all the warehouses and the goods must be easily countable and identifiable, so that any movement or withdrawal of the goods will be easily detectable. Thanks to a good experience during the years on the field, we fullfil every needs of our clients.


Furthermore, warehouse management means checking in every detail the loading / unloading, handling and storage operations of goods; everything is carefully recorded and supervised so there won’t be problems with the subsequent operations.


This our main activity is essential to offer a punctual and flexible logistics service.



• Warehouses with a total area of 10,000 m2, of which over 4,000 m2 are uncovered and 6,000 m2 are covered

• Forklifts of all capacities and heights up to 8 tons

• Two bridge cranes from 5 to 10 tons



• Management of incoming and outgoing goods

• Unloading and loading containers, with relative palletization

• Repackaging and compaction of goods

• Picking/orders services, for shipments of one or more items

• Packaging and labeling

• Menaging of orders on behalf of third parties

• Drafting of transport documents

• Returns management and stock monthly inventory

• Receptioning material directly from our customers' suppliers

• Quality and quantity controls

• Direct shipment to the final customer

• Packing, sealing and changing of platforms

   (fumigated or disinfested with smoke)

• Ad-hoc invoicing for each client

• Supply of production cycles


S.T.M. Logistica is simple and flexible (at times and in every types of service), in every transport of all types of goods from pick-up to delivery to final customers. We are equipped with a commercial, accounting and operational structure, modern and entrusted. We are always ready and able to find the right vehicle for every need.


We are affiliated to the OneExpress international circuit for expeditions on pallets, this partership guarantees us to offer efficient solutions, minimizing the risks of damage and operational errors, simplifying the management of shipments at low costs.

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