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Our daily mission is to offer a forefront transport service that always keeps up with the times. For this reason we always invest in facilities and equipments as we want to simplify the situation to the customer a smuch as possible. This quality of service has allowed us to be present in various industrial sectors providing the right vehicle depending on the requirement we always guarantee quality and safety.

Currently we have a vehicle fleet with whom we can offer many services as door to door service and maxi volume transport of 120 cubic meters.

We have vehicles with hydraulic truck tail lift, both articulated lorries and tractor vehicles, the articulated lorries with exceptional semi-trailer (with coils support), rear spreading tools for loading large crates or machineries, we also have vans with whom we can optimize double floor articulated lorries.

All the curtainside vehicles can be loaded from above and sideways, they have XL Certification with antiintrusion tarpaulins.


We use the TRANSICS system to controle and manage the fleet thanks to which we can give a precise and immediate answer about the delivery status to our customers, with this system we can also optimize the availability of the traveling staff whose work is managed by specialized personnel in their industrial sectors and geographical areas.



We are affiliated to the OneExpress international circuit for expeditions on pallets, this partnership guarantees us to offer efficient solutions, minimizing the risks of damage and operational errors, simplifying the management of shipments at low costs.


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